CC Cyclery & Co. Is Now Open! Located around the corner from old shop! 530 East 13th St.


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This Site Is Under Construction And Will Be Updated Regularly.


After almost 8 yrs at 199 Avenue b, Earthtruks llc / Continuum, a bicycle shop and the newly added Continuum Coffee closed in November of 2013. After almost a year of looking, Amanda, Jeff and Fritz and now the newest addition, Bill were able to find an amazing new spot for the new CC Cycley & Co. on 13th st. Right around the corner from the old shop.
At CC Cyclery, we pride ourselves on our mechanical prowess with a variety of bicycles, not to mention our in-the-pits racing expertise and historical knowledge of bikes from every era. With cycling technology changing ever so rapidly, our breadth of knowledge needs to be as varied as the selection of bikes in our retail shop—which is a lot.

On any given day, you can find a range of bicycles for sale that would be unusual for most shops.  While we stock and work on bikes that use the newest technology,  we are equally adept  working  on vintage bikes.  This competency comes from experience, ability to adapt to the newest technology, tools and materials- and most importantly- passion.

“Selling a complete production bike is great, especially when the customer finds everything they need, all in a prebuilt production bike. Though custom building bikes is what I love to do. Working with and helping a customer one-on-one deciding on every single part together. The end result? Someone who has not only a bike but something they created and personalized to fit them in every way possible. Down to the smallest details . From what length top tube with the frame design to what color spoke nipple is used on the wheel build. These are details that most dont even think about.  I love my job”

– Jeff Underwood-Head Mechanic, CC Cyclery & Co. (Founder/Designer , Continuum Cycles)




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